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I wish i could add a signature at the bottom of my posts. For example:

I would love to do the same thing, but put this at the bottom of every post. I commonly find people do not hit the reply button or i know a website that could help them.

It could also be images

This would be my signature, and i commonly to try and copy and paste at the bottom of all my project feedback posts, but i forget sometimes and that person misses out on the link.


Please hit the reply button or i do not get notified.

List of helpful websites for web design (and inspiration) -->

I don’t know. I find that signatures are often used for self-promotion, and visually clutter a forum. As for reminding people to hit reply, that could be better done in a forum FAQ or pinned post (“how to be a good member of the FCC forum” or something like that).

Gotta agree on the clutter bit. Signatures (and especially larger images) also take up a lot of space and slow load times if there are a lot of images. I don’t think it’s a big a problem here than some forums I know of when a person posts multiple times in the same thread- that’s when it gets really cluttered.

In those cases, there was (or is) an option that members can turn off signatures so they don’t see them. Right now in one forum I visit- the signatures are hidden by default but visitors can click a little down arrow on the post to view it.

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Maybe we can have no images at all and limit the text to 1 per post? (after that is drop down).

As for self promotion, i see not problem with linking to their website or webpage they made. Unless they are selling something, its great to show off your work.


It was decided a long time ago to not clutter up the forum with signatures. Everyone one would want “their” version of a signature which could include all sorts of unrelated content which has nothing to do with the original post’s topic.

Everyone on the forum has a profile in which they can add links to their website. There is no need to clutter up the posts with non-relevant links and or images.


To be honest, no one goes on each others profile. They would just private message you if they had any interests.

What is wrong with having your signature appear once, no images, in a topic post? Look in the image at how small a not so painfully obvious the text was. Then imagine you will see that once per forum post.


After reading everyone replies, here is what i think a signature should be;

  • Cannot be a Image
  • Unlocks after 30 days or a medium difficulty milestone
  • As shown in the example w/ a smaller font size and less then 25 - 10 characters (maybe even less).
  • Cannot link to or be a promotional product(s)

I would also include ‘Does not have to be on topic with the forum post itself’ because i see nothing wrong with a signature like these (would have smaller font size):

My Newest project: FCC Documentation Page

or this:

Or a even smaller link like this:

Add some text their too


last but not least, a funny joke signature wouldn’t be a bad thing

This joke is pun-derful

It would be nice for people to have some forum of customization to help add character the forums.

The problem is every single part (an unrelated link, quote, etc.) that is not part of the actual discussion (which is the most important part of the forum) becomes an unnecessary distraction.

If your main purpose of a signature is to let everyone know about your latest project, that is exactly why the Project Feedback category was created. You expect to see projects there. You could create a single topic in that category and just keep updating all your projects in the same topic.


Again its not really a distraction when it is a smaller font size and variant from color whilst being 10 - 15 characters max. It it honestly looks nice too.

If i want to show off a finished project i am proud of why not put it at the bottom, in a signature? same with my website if i had one? It is not a bad idea and adds customization to FCC. Again i’m not looking for a review either when i put it in my signature, but rather just me showing off my skills.

Honestly, who care about if its apart of the actual discussion? Can people not suddenly type or are too overly distracted by my 1 small link once in the entire topic? On top of that people can include useful links.

I also find signatures just add clutter.

As a 90% mobile user for the forum, it would detract from my appreciation of the very clean design.

I frequently check user profiles for people I find interesting, so if people do want to see your links that is the place for them.


Look at this signature and how tiny it is.

It is not obnoxious, and imagine a even smaller one for posts on FCC that only come up once in the entire topic.

I look at people’s profiles all the time. You are generalizing from your desire to get your way in a forum.

You have been unanimously countered by every person whom you have engaged in this public space. What else do you need? Must the world accommodate every desire of yours, @Mike-was-here123?

From what I can tell, forum signatures are used for SEO and to drive traffic to one’s site(s). It’s not clear if forum signatures actually affect SEO, at least, not from the searches I did (1 | 2). So, I have three comments about this discussion:

  1. I think the profile system is sufficient, as mentioned above. Adding signatures may attract people who think they can improve their SEO and they may not care about the content they’re posting. Signatures, in this case, may have the potential to lessen the quality of content in this forum. In order for one’s profile to be useful, one must meaningfully engage with the community whereas with signatures, one only needs to create one and post to the forum. After a year on the fCC forum, seeing many people come and go, I think the profile model is appropriate.

  2. That said, as @michaelnicol mentioned in the original post, one is free to add a ‘signature’ to one’s posts as needed/wanted. It’s not automatic, but it is possible and it’s far more customizable than the limits that have been proposed thus far.

    I can imagine fCC integrating signatures to the forum if there were a lot of people already using them in their posts and lots of people wanting them. As it is now, @michaelnicol is the only person I’ve seen ask about this.

  3. Discourse doesn’t support automatic signatures by default (1 | 2).

These are my thoughts. No need to comment on them as I have no power here and I will not respond to this discussion further.

Great argument. Just mocking and saying its all about me and everyone must ‘accommodate every desire’ i have seems very professional. Unlike the stupid childish signature i ‘desire.’

Here is how i wanted to do it:

(and check out the examples)

Yes one is free, but if i just put in in plain text it would be weird and distracting if not on topic.

I’m not saying remove the profile, i’m just saying a small signature would be fine. Despite what i have said about limiting size, it seems as if you guys think my end goal is for everyone to post massive annoying paragraphs in 25 font size at the bottom of every post.

I didn’t mock you. I am explaining to you that in a public forum, your vote counts once. Except for you, everyone else agrees that your idea is a bad one. As for professionalism, I’ll just leave your words here, typos, bile, and all:

" “Trump is racist”: Now i hear this a lot when agruing with liberals, but they can seem to never tell me why and where the massive proof of this is. Trump never said he hated certian groups solely because of their race."
" “Trump hates Mexicans”: Again, when did trump say this?"
" “Trump hates African Americans”: The main pushers of this idology are known for the support of the far left racist Black lives matter. This is a terriost group."
"Instead of blaming your problems on being a woman and white males, go out and get a job. "

Too bad I couldn’t see your projects, and would have needed a signature to find out how you behave and what you think.


I am closing this topic as unproductive.