Add feature: Allow user to selectively erase old solution

Where would we begin on trying to implement this solution? I found this forum post that made me want to implement said feature: How to reset your progress and clear your solutions . It would be a pretty neat feature, especially right now since I just got back and need it most :slight_smile:

You can remove solutions individually from your browser cache, so that they do not pre-populate in the relevant challenge. You can do this through your browser settings or by using the reset button on the challenge. When it comes to solutions that are saved to your account, if you redo a challenge then your solution will be overwritten with your newest one.


Hey @ArielLeslie, is this still the case? With the new curriculum released? If yes, then my browser or account settings are faulty, as I do not have any of my solutions that have been solved from challenges completed before the release. And new solutions are not being saved in challenges. Yes, the map does show that I’ve completed those challenges, but, every time I go back, the code has been reset as if I’ve never worked on it.

Thanks for all your diligent replies on the forum.


Cached values from before the update aren’t valid for the redesigned site, so they won’t show up in the new lessons. My observation is that once you run tests in the new site, the code that you have in your editor is saved to your browser’s local storage.

Fresh lesson

Change stuff, run tests

Let’s look under the hood

Go away from the lesson

Go back to the lesson and see that my changes are still there

Thnx so much @ArielLeslie for checking in and also detailed screenshots. I’ll have to investigate my browser settings to see why this is not working for me.