Add-in Tips for css

I didn’t know where to leave this suggestion but I’m coming across different ways to practice CSS after I completed the responsive web design. I also slowly go back to touch up some of the in-course projects. I found it hard to freely draft up some styling and what really helps me in every project is border-box: box-sizing and the styling the border. This was an amazing tip in the course. One thing I have that should be added is mentioning that justify-content and align-items work horizontally and vertically respectively. I didn’t realize this until after the course on flexbox froggy and I’m not sure if it’s missing in the Responsive Web Design Track but it cleared up some of my flexbox jitters.

It depends on what the value of flex-direction is, as the main axis switches.

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That’s even more info that I didn’t realize. Is there somewhere in responsive web where that is mentioned?