Add Items to an Array with push() and unshift() - Help

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My console.log is I,2,three,IV,5,six,7,VIII,9

But this test fails mixedNumbers(["IV", 5, "six"]) should now return ["I", 2, "three", "IV", 5, "six", 7, "VIII", 9]

What silly thing am I missing?

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function mixedNumbers(arr) {
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    let firstSet = ['I', 2, 'three'];
    let thirdSet = [7, 'VIII', 9];

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    return arr;

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console.log(mixedNumbers(['IV', 5, 'six']));

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Take a closer look at your console log. You’re unshifting/pushing entire arrays into another array, creating an array of arrays.

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I suggest using console.log(JSON.stringify(...)) so that you can see what @InternetFriend mentions also in the FreeCodeCamp console

Thank you for pointing that out.

Thanks for the hint I am going to try that right now.