Add Items Using splice()0,1 or is it 0,2?

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the instructions say to remove the first two elements, wich i think would be 0 and 1, but the test will not pass unless you use 0 and 2? or am i missunderstanding something???

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function htmlColorNames(arr) {
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    arr.splice(0,2, "DarkSalmon", "BlanchedAlmond");
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  return arr;
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console.log(htmlColorNames(['DarkGoldenRod', 'WhiteSmoke', 'LavenderBlush', 'PaleTurqoise', 'FireBrick']));

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From MDN docs about the second parameter:

An integer indicating the number of elements in the array to remove from start .

So arr.splice(0, 1) is removing only 1 element since the start (in your case, 0).
Thus, removing only the element at index 0.

yea thanks man i got it just after i asked for help, too many hours awake kills judgement