Add previous challenges to the current challenge

I’m currently in the intermediate algorithm section and am learning a lot, but also having plenty of struggles. I keep looking back to previous challenges that I have completed to try to find similar pieces of code that can help with the current assignment. After going through this process multiple times and wasting valuable time, it seems to me that it would be very helpful to list previous challenges that might be helpful to the current one. Much the same way as having “helpful links”, why not put in a “helpful previous challenges” that we can refer to?

Not a bad idea. but what you call “helpful previous challenges” varies from user to user making it hard to present a uniform list of previous challenges.

That said, I’m sure FCC would love your idea once they read this thread :slight_smile:

Good feedback. I should have been more specific. If I am working on a challenge with .slice or .filter, it would be helpful to know what other challenges used those methods in a similar context.