Add/Remove Table Rows Dynamically

I would like to learn some Javascript to help me complete a home project which involves a data entry form where I can enter in expenses.

Here is a sample that behaves fairly close to what I need to enter an undetermined number or “Order Details”…

(Forum won’t let me post a link yet)
www . iamramraj . com/demo/How_to_Add_and_Remove_Table_Rows_Dynamically/index.html

How difficult is it to code something like that?

What technologies would I need? Could I just use plain old Javascript?

If you want to see the code for a web page, you can simply right-click on the page (in Chrome) and click View Source to see the code. Once you do, you will see the site is using the jQuery library and the Bootstrap framework and all the JavaScript code needed to make it work.

As I said in your other thread, all of the jQuery is JavaScript, but has many “helper” functions which do a lot of “heavy lifting” for you, so that you do not have to write the code yourself. If you want to understand what the jQuery or Bootstrap underlying JavaScript looks like, then you can study it by going to the url specified in the script tags.

I’ve had others discourage me from using Frameworks and Libraries because they obfuscate learning Javascript.

Plus, hacking existing code isn’t a great way to learn in my opinion.

If I were to code the example in the link i posted above, could I do that with pure Javascript?

And how hard would that be to code?

And how quickly could I learn to code that if I started on page 1 of your tutorial?

You can’t have it both ways. Your other thread indicated you do not want to learn JavaScript. Based on your other thread, I gathered you just want to figure out some code to accomplish a specific task. That is not learning. That is hacking.

I already answered this question in my previous reply to this thread. The answer is yes.

That is going to depend on how well you understand JavaScript.

I have know idea, because I don’t have any way to know how quickly you will pick up on JavaScript. Also, Free Code Camp is not a comprehensive study of the JavaScript language. It teaches just enough so that you can know how to search for the things you have not been directly taught how to do. There is no tutorial site out there which will teach you everything there is to know, but you can learn how to search for specific functionality on sites like MDN to fill in the blanks.

That is NOT what I said…

I said I want to learn Javascript and AVOID frameworks and libraries at this point.

I also said that i do not want to learn the entire Javascript language if learning a portion of it will do for now.

If your goal were to learn how to style hyperlinks as red underlined on a webpage using CSS, would you spend time learning grid layouts in CSS? (That would be a waste of time.)

That is all I said.


How does this tutorial differ from a Javascript book (e.g. “Teach Yourself Javascript in 24 Hours”)?

Does the free Code Camp have some innovative way of teaching Javascript, or is it more of the same - other than being free and publicly accessible, of course.

I apologize if I misunderstood something you said.

I have know idea because I have never looked at that material.

I have not reviewed all the methods the various other sites use but based on the feedback we have received (for the cost which is nothing) many feel it is a good place to start. Also, the forum is a big part of the learning process here. It exists mainly to help the users work through the times they get stuck and just need a small “assist” to allow them to complete a challenge. I would say that is one of the more unique qualities of Free Code Camp. We literally have thousands of users who have helped out a fellow camper to learn the concepts taught here. I have not found such a community as supportive of people new to coding anywhere else.

99% of the campers here have all struggled at some point when going through the curriculum. Being able to ask questions and get hints about how to approach a problem, is one of main reasons I kept me coming back to continue working through the various sections of the curriculum. Almost 2.5 years later, I now try to help others in the way I was helped back then.

An active online forum can be a lifesaver - with or without a book to go along with it.

In the “old days”, the Internet was full of active user communities where you could get tons of help, make friends, and be part of something larger.

Those days are all but gone online…

My hope is that freeCodeCamp is a throwback to better times, and a way for me to speed up learning, and also give back.

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Yes you can use plain JavaScript only because today’s JS is mush stronger that what it used to be some 5 years back.

So how hard would it be to learn how to create a dynamic subform like the link I posted above?