Add row at any specific place inside the table

I’ve already got the code for this in the internet, but it only adds row at the end of the table, i want to be able to add at any index, is there any solution.
Here’s the code example

$(function () {

 $("#insertRow").on("click", function (event) {

        var newRow = $("<tr class='d-flex'>");
        var cols = '';

        // Table columns
cols += '<td><div class="form-group justify-content-center d-flex"><input type="number" class="form-control" id="slno"></div></td>';

  cols += '<td><div class="form-group"><button class="btn btn-dark text" id ="deleteRow">delete</button></div></td></tr>';

        // Insert the columns inside a row

        // Insert the row inside a table

    // Remove row when delete btn is clicked
    $("table").on("click", "#deleteRow", function (event) {
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You could convert the table HTML object into an array. Then use array methods to insert at a certain index and then recreate the table from the array.

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Rather than use appendChild, consider using insertBefore:

With that, you can add a row before a given sibling row.

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you can add a row before a given sibling row.

do you have an example (code) of that?

if you open the link there are some examples