Add two numbers with java script

GUYS, I didn’t get this challenge is for what? could some one tell me? thank u!

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var sum = 10 + 10;

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Challenge: Add Two Numbers with JavaScript

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it’s to learn one use of the + operator

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yes I got it .just I don’t understand, its used for any 2 numbers. because it was so simple. I can’t clarify my question very well. :thinking:

it’s simple because it is just showing how to add two numbers


The challenge question is just to show you that you can add together any two numbers using the + operator. In this case, you’re assigning the sum of those two numbers to a variable sum.

Any numbers will work in this case, and you can also use the operator in more complex situations. For example, you could write a function to add numbers together.

const sumOfTwo = (num1, num2) => {
  return num1 + num2;
} // Returns the sum of any numbers input as num1 and num2

sumOfTwo(12, 14); // Should return 26
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@ilenia @docdaneeka thank u so much for your help.

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