Add Unanswered Questions Filter

This is a feature request for the forum itself.


I would like to spend a little bit of time each day helping folks here. Specifically, I’d like to tackle questions that don’t already have an answer. One thing that would make it easier to focus on these is to have a top-level link to “Unanswered Questions”.

Since there is so much activity on this forum, it is easy for some of the trickier questions to fall off the front page and never get any attention.

Right now, I am going to this URL:

Feature Request

EDIT: Updating to reduce confusion.

It would be great if we could add a button that shows a filter for unanswered questions. This filter should take into consideration both questions that current have 0 answers, and questions that have been answered by a mod for formatting purposes but not actually answered.

The latter part is much more challenging to figure out, but I think it would be a worthwhile enhancement.

if something like this could be implemented I think it needs to consider the cases in which mods answer to fix up the code formatting, without actually answering the question (like if it is a langage unknown to them), so just showing threads with 0 answers is not gonna work

Can the forum topics be filtered by the “solution” value?
Topics with a solution could be hidden if you desired.
It’s not ideal, since not everyone marks a solution, but it is a start?

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Thanks for the additional info.

I am a bit confused by this, wouldn’t a mod edit the post directly? I think that would be a much better workflow. (At least this is how we approached this at

Mods DO edit the post directly, but then they post an explanation of the forum markup so the user can learn how to properly format their own posts.


I see. Thank you, that makes a lot of sense.

I have moved this to the #contributors sub-forum. I would suggest we get some more feedback on this, with a decent idea of what would be implemented.

If enough users have an interest in the feature, we can open the request on GitHub, and the members can decide on the best way forward.

If all you are interested in is this query being a button, whilst easy to implement, is not a prominent request, and would be better suit as a bookmark on your browser, in my opinion.

This is an important issue I would prioritise resolving.

Our main challenge with further filters is the fact that many answered questions are not marked as answered.

Thanks for the feedback.

For sure. I already have this bookmark so the problem is solved for me.

The intent of the feature request is to make it easier for other people, who aren’t familiar with the query parameters of discourse, to be able to quickly find unanswered questions and chime in.

My concern with this is still that the example query you provided would filter out too many unanswered questions - making it a button would mean the people that wanted to help others would miss too many opportunities to help.

Just to be clear, I agree with the idea that we should include the edge case that was presented in this thread. It makes a lot of sense.

I am not sure how to solve for that. I’ll update the original request to include this important piece.

as a mod if I read a topic in which the original poster say “than you your message helped me solve the issue” (or equivalent) but didn’t tag the message as the solution, I do it myself.

but this would help filter out only part of the messages already resolved. It also happend that people will ask questions in topics that are already marked as solved, or OPs that wronlgy mark something as solved missing familiarity.

there is also a lot of threads in which people ask questions and never answer, so even if someone gave the answer, it is not going to be marked as such…

It would be nice a different way to mark such topics, something like a flag to say “this is a challenging and interesting question”, I have no idea if it could be feasable, or even how it could work…

there are many threads that I see ananswered, that I am unable to answer.
It happens often for example for projects for the Front End Libraries and Frameworks that they get ananswered… or also for the certificates after that.

And for those it happens often that there is one answer of a mod formatting it, or asking for the link of the project if someone forgot it, even if maybe can’t help themselves.

Personally I have set the forum to show me as New all topics until I look at them (or dismiss them), so I can go to and see what I can help with.
It happens also that users don’t get that for a person to be notified they have to anser directly to their message, so some topics fall silent also for that reason…