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I am required to add a CSS comment with the text “FOOTER”. As I understand how a comment is written I did, but the code did not pass. May I know what is wrong in my code?

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This is a CSS comment:

/* some comment */

It’s hard to know what’s up without your code.

Hi, @haahinnawy . Right now, I can’t see your code. At the top of your comment editor, there’s a button for inserting code that looks like this: </>. If you click on that, you can paste in what you were trying to do for this particular challenge.

Without giving you the answer, I can tell you that inserting comments in CSS is different than inserting comments in HTML. I can’t recall if the Cafe Menu lesson taught you how to do this previously or not, but if it didn’t, you can always Google to find out the correct format. To pass this challenge, you also need to make sure your comment has the word FOOTER exactly as written in the instructions (i.e. in uppercase).

Thank you.
My code was:
I realized from your message that the CSS comment is different. Looking for the right format my code now is:
Still this did not pass the test. By the way, I cannot see the button you referred to in the first paragraph.
May I know how to pass this challenge?
Thank you again.

What is the new error message you are getting?

I can see that, not sure why that is. You can use Ctrl + Enter that should show you the button.

Reset, add the comment use the hotkey as mentioned.

Edit: A hard page refresh also fixes the button for me Shift + F5

Thank you. I used the hot key as you said and the button did not show but when I wrote the comment in the format that I used last time it worked. It seems that something was holding the page from responding. Thanks again.


theres few Emmet shortcuts you will learn along the way specially when you using visual studio code (vs code) which i recommend very much to use as you code editor .

when you want to add a comment simply target the word or line or sentence that you wish to make a comment and press Ctrl+/
then itll automatically turn it to a comment for html or css.

i believe most of the emmet shortcuts are active in this website code editor .

another helpful unrelated shortcut that you will definitely use alot is press Alt+Shift+Down-Arrow will automatically copy ur line dow like this:

<li>Item1</li> (just put ur cursor in this line and then press ALT+SHIFT+DOWN-ARROW)


Thank you very much. I highly appreciate your advice.

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