Adding a Gallery to my website


I’m trying to add a gallery to my website (, using this code:

I’ve added the HTML in to my index page, but not sure where to add the CSS and JS code, or if I should create new CSS/JS files and if so what do I name them?

I’m pretty new to this so appreciate any help, and hoping “I have bitten off more than I can chew”!


Many Thanks


:confused: didnt get ur que

Looking at the bootsnipp code, there is HTML, CSS and JS code that has been included, which I assume to mean this must all be added to the site, for it to work?

I’ve added the HTML, and I can see limited functionality, and I assume i also need to add in the CSS and JS, or is this not correct?

Thanks :slight_smile:

u need to include css and js files too so tht u can get proper view

OK Thanks

Do I just add them as new files, or add them to existing CSS and JS files (i.e. paste the code in to the existing files)?

If I add them as new files, what do I name them - can’t see where they are being called in the code?


u have to give same name which u have give in html as reference
some thing like this in html :point_down:

“link href=“css/style.css” rel=“stylesheet”>”

Ok thanks again
Will have an attempt at this…
I might be back in touch if that’s ok? :slight_smile: