Adding a switch

Evening FCC,

Can i suggest that FCC implement a switch on every step so we can see the changes we have made, To go back and fourth. Its not a big deal but just a small quality of life update, When we add or make changes its sometimes to see whats happening on long pages.

Thank you,


Thank you for your feature request, you can open an issue on the issue tracker on github

If you opened an issue @stroudy91, would you send me the link???

I would agree with @stroudy91 that the suggested feature would make it easier for the student, but I’m not sure if it would be helpful in the long run. I think for me it was necessary to have to search my own code to find the bugs I accidentally created, and not just be able to start fresh. It is an important ability when someone is coding independently, to be able to effectively debug your own code.

FCC’s goal should be to teach the student effectively, not to make the learning experience a bed of roses.


Yeah no problem,