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Please can you tell me where i can search an image to get correct link? I have been looking on google and bing but every link is very long and doesn’t load on my screen? for example the below…

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        <img src="">

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hello there,

You need to remember to link the src to an image. Almost always, these links end with .jpg/.png/.... When on Google images, you can right-click on a link, and copy image address.

Keep in mind, attribute where you get your image, and be sure to not use copyrighted images

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Hi @shannon.maybeth!

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Alternatively, you can use an image that’s already on your computer (or download one). Then just put the photo in your project folder and put the path to it in the src.

There are some great images on unsplash that are free to download. (Maybe for a future project if not for this one)