Adding dash between spaces field name after fething it through mysql

I have database in mysql & have a column i.e. full_name…
Suppose if name is Shobha Patwal then it should retrieve the name as shobha_patwal from database

echo row['full_name'];

It will show Shobha Patwal as name I want it to be shobha_patwal so that I can make a url like localhost/testing/shobha-patwal/ not as localhost/testing/Shobha%20Patwal/
I am doing through php.

That’s definitely not something database should care about! Let’s say you write a converter function to convert names to kebab case (there are plenty of them already written, tested and free to use btw) wouldn’t it better to use it right before you’re generating URL - the only case where it’s needed.

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how to do it without kebab case generator similar like that