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I would like to know the code to add pics from my computer

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<h1>Youth Group</h1>
<h2>"JUSH" Jovenes Unidos Siguiendo Huellas</h2>
<img src=

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Challenge: Say Hello to HTML Elements

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In order for a photo to be visible online, it must be online. When you are building full websites, you’ll serve your image files with the rest of your website. For now, just search for “free image hosting” and pick your favorite.

thank you for your help

1st your image must be saved in the folder where your codes are being saved. For example i’m creating a Tribute webpage. The codes are in the folder, and my folder name eg. “tribute” and the image I want to show up on my tribute webpage must be in the inside of tribute folder. But for more organized, you have to create a new folder probably name “Images” and then you saved the image there let’s say the name of the image is “image.jpg” then now you can call the image source/path. Eg. <img src="./folder name/image name" in actual <img src="./tribute/image.jpg>