Adding Secure Search to a Site

Does anyone know of a search utility that is FREE I can add to a site? I’d rather not use Google’s tool, because their branding cannot be removed from the input and you can’t remove ads from the results. Basically, I’m working on a site that is secure, other than the search it currently uses (jrank, I think it is), and it needs to be entirely secure.

You could always code your own search utility if you don’t want to worry about branding issues.

I was looking into that, but it appears, to add a PHP search script (the server runs on PHP), I’d have to add SQL database to the client’s site; it’s a stupid-simple site, and I’m not sure I’m even allowed to do that. Hmmm… If you know of any alternatives, though, please let me know. Thanks.

So how about ddg? It also has predictable urls:

Good idea: