Adding thumbnails to Portfolio page

Hello i have been painstakingly working on my portfolio page and i am stuck trying to add thumbnail images to the portfolio section of the page, the only work that i completed to date is my tribute page and i would like to add that as a thumbnail as well as some blank website images like coming soon pages. Here is a link to my current portfolio page. . I have tried the web and i still have not gotten the answer, i am completely new to this so any assistance would be appreciated, as well as anything which can be done to improve this page

Well you could go about this a couple diff ways.


  • I use Cloudinary to host my images and then I resize it there (spr easy). After resizing I copy the provided link and use that as the link in the < img> tag.

Resizing with CSS
-this I can’t explain well because you still have to provide a link for the image which means you’ll still have to have it somewhere like Cloudinary. Still…

  • let’s say you already have the link for your image but only want to resize it to be smaller. You can use:
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I know this isn’t a “real” solution because these aren’t thumbnails but I hope this helps @ahmunre.

Thanks Zip i appreciate the assistance Cloudinary is nice resource and the improv advice did help.

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Oh no worries man.
I should be thanking you. Looking at your tribute page got me thinking about redesigning my website.
I really like that sectioned look and your implementation of the NavBar is something I’ll be using too.