Additional Skills or certification for Front End Developer

Do we need to have any additional skills or certification for Front End Developer apart from those mentioned below. Any certification or skills like UI/UX designer that can help with higher pay or preference for job.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • DOM Manipulation
  • JSON
  • AJAX
  • Node.js
  • MySQL
  • React
  • Java

I don’t know that most “certifications” do much good, unless it is from a university or some prestigious organization. What does help is learning things and building things. If you want to be a web developer, start building apps. Learn new things and think up new apps to force you to use them, and think up new apps that will force you to do something new.

I think learning the basics of UI/UX and design is good, but in most companies, there will be people whose job is that.

There’s no list of skills where, “OK, now I get a job”. There is just learning new things, encountering problems, and figuring out how to overcome them. There are hundreds of skills of varying importance and in which you will have a spectrum of competence and experience. You just keep learning and each thing you learn, each thing you build increases the odds of you being hired every so slightly. You just keep slowly increasing those odds until the law of averages catches up.


Thanks for “Best Advice”.

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