Additional Technologies while developing FCC projects

Hey guys

I’m starting the FCC projects now during the summer. I’m at an intermediate level, I’ve already built some apps for my Computer Science degree so I thought it would be a nice idea to spice up things a little and add other technologies to these projects, both to challenge myself but also build some curriculum up.

My challenge is now to figure out which of the web technologies are “must-haves” and which ones are just “nice-haves”. And also, which one shall be the first project to implement each technology, as others further down shall also implement all the previous technologies, in an incremental manner.
I would like to use TDD for the calculator project, therefore I will implement something like mocha for testing. Now, from there on, all future projects shall also implement mocha as standard.

Any suggestions you can provide regarding:

  • Technologies I shall get my hands on
  • Best use case for such technology, especially if a FCC project can be tied to it

After I’ve compiled the whole list, I will create a blog post with all the details, so any other coders can also benefit from this.

Thanks for all your feedback guys, highly appreciated

TDD is a great thing to learn, or just unit testing in general.

Have a look here for some inspiration:

Here are a few other things you could look at:
CSS Animations - make any FCC project look slicker => inspiration here :
ReactJS -
MongoDB with Mongoose + NodeJS + Express
GraphQL => you will see this replacing REST calls in more and more projects
CSS Grid
CSS Flexbox
Docker => webops in general is good to have a high level understanding of

All of these area’s are pretty large in themselves, be careful not to be too bogged down. Have fun!