AdminLTE vs Pure Bootstrap for a new web project?

I’m primarily a freelance backend dev and for the first time venturing on full-stack development of a non-trivial web app on my own, hence I needed some guidance.

I’ve got all the backend stuff in php/mysql covered, I just want to know what’s the best way to create a dashboard (with left sidebar) considering various aspects like long-term code maintenance and support, robustness, etc. Looks don’t matter that much as it’s a CRUD app but obviously, better is more appreciated.

Based on research until now, AdminLTE seems to be the most popular way of doing it among most devs although a few others like material and coreui also seem to have some street cred.

But another approach I’m considering apart from AdminLTE is to just use pure bootstrap and fiddle up my own sidebar using something like this. That way, I won’t be tied to just one Bootstrap version which is used by AdminLTE (v4.6) and troubleshooting will be much easier through google search and StackOverflow. What do you guys think is the right approach?

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