Advanced node and express - completed but no idea what I'm doing

Dear everyone,

I have completed all 22 out of 22 tutorials of the “Advanced Node and Express” tutorial.
However, I still don’t know what I managed to learn/accomplish.

Link to my Glitch live app (below)

Specifically speaking:

  1. This tutorial seems like it was trying to build a chat room. No where in my finished work do I see anything resembling a chat room. All I see is the login/registration page.
    (Yet, I still passed all the tutorials)

  2. More than once, the tutorial teaches you to build codes that send messages to console, showing how many people have entered chat room, or sent a message. When I open my console, I do not see any of those message.
    (Yet, I still passed all the tutorial)

  3. Diconnecting, announce new users, send and display messages…no where in my finished work have I been able to visually to see any of these functions, or interface.
    (Yet, I still passed all the tutorial)

This is a very strange experience, where I managed to pass all the tutorials without being able to see the work I was required to produce.

Any advice on how to check my finished work (chatroom), and checking console messages specific items I have listed above?


You should register route and display on home.

Registering should work.

Login should work.

is failing

Does anyone know how to send chat messages in it? Did you figure it out?