Advanced Node and Express - issues on Registration of New Users

Hello Guys I have tried to pass this tests but always gives me that error message
Login should work if previous test was done successfully and redirect successfully to the profile. Check your work and clear your DB
This is link to my glitch:
hope anyone can help me Thanks

Instead of giving app url. You can share your editor url.

That’s my editor url:

sorry again I am new to glitch

You should add delay control like this:

// Enable to pass the challenge called "Advanced Node and Express - 
// Registration of New Users"
if (process.env.ENABLE_DELAYS) app.use((req, res, next) => {
  switch (req.method) {
    case 'GET':
      switch (req.url) {
        case '/logout': return setTimeout(() => next(), 500);
        case '/profile': return setTimeout(() => next(), 700);
        default: next();
    case 'POST':
      switch (req.url) {
        case '/login': return setTimeout(() => next(), 900);
        default: next();
    default: next();

then ,add env variable to .env file:


Then,add log to each route like this:

            .get((req, res) => {
                console.log("/logout was geted")

Now ,you should adjust delay time for each route,make sure that all request logs are in order of tests in
test for this exercise
first, /register,
second, /login
third, /logout,
fourth, /profile