Advanced Node and Express - login form not working

UPDATE: Just an FYI, I rebuilt this app locally and it works. Obviously, FCC tests can’t reach my localhost, but at least the code proves correct.

My console does output:

User freeCodeCampTester attempted to log in

but I can’t seem to get the login form to work regardless of the fcc tests failing.

If I console log the req.user object it shows:

{ _id: 5d53ca9af675a32ed41adb4a,
  username: 'freeCodeCampTester',
  password: 'freeCodeCampTester' }

my /login route code is:

  .post(passport.authenticate('local',{ failureRedirect: '/' }), (req, res) => {

Any idea why the res.redirect('/profile'); is not working?


Somebody will likely be able to help you out if you post a link to your code.