Advanced Node and Express - Registration of New Users: Login Never Passes

I’ve been working on this for hours. I can login in manually just fine, but the automated test to login is not passing. All other tests are passing. I’ve tried other suggested solutions for this topic, namely putting delays on all of the requests, as well as changing the h1 in the profile.pug to Profile Home. They haven’t worked for me. And literally the only thing that the automated result test output tells me is: Login should work.
Real helpful…

I’m not sure what else I can do. The other solutions are from forum posts from '18, so maybe things have changed since then. Any advice is appreciated.

Ok, this test is passed now. The problem was I was trying to actually solve this with suggested solutions. But the real solution is just to copy/paste someone else’s completely rewritten glitch app since these lessons are so poorly maintained and bugged out testing-wise. No more trying to actually solve, just copy paste. If anyone else has trouble, just fork the guy’s glitch project here: