Advanced Node and Express - Set up the Environment SET UP

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Unless I missed something, this challenge switches to a new Boilerplate without any warning.

There were no instructions or warnings to switch to new template.

If anyone else gets stuck here, click the Glitch/Github link on the challenge and repeat a few of the steps from the previous challenges for set up:

  • set up a new Github app with redirects to your new project, to get new keys

  • create a new .env file with SESSION_SECRET, DATABASE, GITHUB_CLIENT_ID, GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET (with new Github keys)

  • Update the callback link in auth.js to match your project

  • Fix email in auth.js for Github strategy; email:, seems to work for me.

  • Also needed to add cors to get the tests to run correctly: [Done] Advanced Node and Express - Set up the Environment

Hope this helps if you got stuck here.

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Challenge: Advanced Node and Express - Set up the Environment

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Thanks a million! I applied these steps and all worked… except a Mongodb error.

I was also getting a not authorized on admin to execute command, so I updated my MongoDb to a newer version. I made changes in package.json, server.js, and .env. Afterwards, I started getting a deprecation warning on findAndModify, but I was able to ignore it for now.


		"mongodb": "^3.5.2",


mongo.connect(process.env.DATABASE, { useUnifiedTopology: true }, (err, client) => {

    if(err) console.log('Database error: ' + err);

    const db = client.db(process.env.DB_NAME);
    auth(app, db);
    routes(app, db);


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