Advanced Node and Express - Use a Template Engine's Powers - Not passing

I am not getting “Advanced Node and Express - Use a Template Engine’s Powers” to pass. I’ve reviewed the posting having to do with the " Advanced Node and Express" challenges, as it appears there have been problems with things missing in this challenge. I didn’t find a posting that looked specific to this particular challenge.

As a result, I’ve added

const cors = require('cors');

to my server.js file

I looked at the test source on github


The one test for this challenge appears to only be looking for “Please login” as the pug-variable.

assert.match(data, /pug-variable("|’)>Please login/gi

It appears that I am getting this variable assigned and it is rendering for me, but the test is not passing. Any suggestions?

Here is my glitch project:

Thank you!

I have been advised that the production code now uses this markdown file instead of the json file I referenced above.


But this file has the same assert that I noted above.

i also tested your code now - sharing your glitch app link and it passed…

Thank you!!

I’ll move on to the next exercises for now and resubmit this challenge later, after the beta is implemented. Is there any way I can tell when that is?