Advanced Node Express building a chat application with a sign-in system finished. Not really :/ What am i doing wrong?

Hello all,

I’ve just ‘finished’ practice section of ‘Advanced Node Express’, there’s a lot of confusion with chat part, and all authentication related challenges act weird, tests pass, but authentication not quite working. I do NOT have fully functioning chat application, even if FCC tests/instructions say everything’s fine, and it must be there.

Authentication never works when I press social authentication button, it just hanging,
‘/chat’ redirects to root path, which to my understanding means that authentication failed.
I can see my github profle info logged to node console( on the route /auth/github/callback, i managed to get to github auth from there once), but not stuff about chat like how many users are connected or messages…ok there’s no UI rendered.

I can see FCC test user and sessions in my DB, but failed to add a user myself.
No errors in browser or node console.
What am I missing here?

code on replit

…same for me! I did pass de test but not functionally app…

When logged in (“welcome, …” page): change the url in the urlbar from …/profile to …/chat