Once I feel i have the basics down where can i go (whether it b freecodecamp or somewhere else) to get a more advanced knowledge of coding (specifically javascript) so I can more on to more ambitious projects?

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Not sure i can give you any one place to go, there are so many resources online to use. It also depends on what you like the best, books, videos, interactive tutorials, communities etc.

thank you for the help!

thank you for the help!

I highly recommend the free Rithm School courses! Even though it is a Bootcamp, they offer those courses for free, and all of their JavaScript ones are really great, i learned very useful and important concepts thanks to them, and i didn’t even start Advanced JavaScript.

Give them a try, if that is not your learning style that is also fine, you can use their curricul but learn the concepts somewhere else.

Also, there is this book called Eloquent JavaScript. It is a great book, but i don’t like recommending it that much because it really got me a bit discouraged at first, i found it very hard to follow. Then i got better at the fundamentals and was able to finish a few more chapters, it’s been almost a year i think since the last time i read it, i think i am on the 5th or 6th chapter, maybe i could give it another try.

Anyway, if you are going to give Eloquent JS a try, do so, but take into account that it is more a programming book using JavaScript than a JavaScript book. Of course, it does teach concepts that are JS specifical. And please do not get discouraged if it ever gets a bit too tough. Close it up and get back to learning anywhere else.

Happy learning!

Oh, also. I know this is pretty annoying but, finding a project to do is always a wonderful way to learn. Find something that excites you but that is small enough, with a few things you don’t know so you know you can finish it!