Advantages Of React Js For Web Application Development

What are the main advantages of using react js for developing web application

React can help with many aspects. It s very good for building high and scaling projects, you can build reusable components which is really nice and you can work with DOM without having to interact directly with it(manipulating DOM via DOM api it still can be verbose especially if you add/remove much stuff). You can build single page apps which are very common these days and offer a nice user experience and you can build complex stuff easier than you would with plain Javascript. Ofc for a simple app, like really simple one using React might be overkill. Also performance it s very good, since manipulating DOM can be very slow, React uses a virtual DOM which offers great performance.

I love React because it is so good for breaking apps into sections and creating a hierarchical structure, making large apps much more manageable and code reusable. There are a lot of supporting libraries and an active and supportive community. And once you know React, it is a small step to React Native, writing native mobile apps.

Definitely virtual DOM feature of react is Very helpful. Thanks for Great reply

Yes Now a Days Most of The apps are being developed on Native platforms , Now question Comes does Native apps are best or Hybrid ?

Yes, native apps are better than hybrid, imho. They are truly native and using the native resources to allow a “native experience”. There are various ways to get that native experience. Of course you could write in a “truly” native way, like Java or Swift. But then you need to learn two languages. Packages like RN allow you to write it in JS and deploy to both. You can make fine tuning for each environment, but usually you don’t need to. There are other options besides RN, but that is the one I know and trust.

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Thanks kevin for Great reply