Advice about a Client

So, I just got my second client a few days ago, and he wanted me to just write some content for his website (, and I already wrote some content for the home page, but he’s wanting me to write content for the other pages. The other pages seem fine to me. I have no idea what to write on the other pages.

Here’s what I had for the home pages:

I really have no idea what else he could be wanting. Can someone else clue me in?

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If they want additional content, then they need to be the ones telling you what that content should be. Ask for a list of requirements for each page that they want modified.


Content should always be provided by the Client. – should be in your development contract with them.

I have no idea what to write on the other pages.

Of course! i.e. You don’t work there, you’re not management there, you don’t know their business – why would they expect you to write the content for their business?

If they insist you write their stuff, you can always make up shit for them… like “We offer 80% discounts on all clients from now until end of 2018. We also require our customers do a 50% profit-sharing with us. Catering is also available, please contact us for available menu options.”

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you are a developer, not a content manager.
they should come up with the content and then ask you to upload it if they want.
other thing you can come up with is a CMS display or view in which they can upload their own content,
just be mindful that this shall be another service you can provide, ergo, SELL.
GL and keep us posted.

I start by saying I can’t help with the content ( even because it seems quite fulfilled now ), so I apologize if it’s an offtopic.

Now, I’m not sure if i visit the site in an update phase or something but first things first:

That said, I’m not fully convinced from the posts above: I mean, if you’re settled it’s ok - I’m this, doing this, you hire me for this and if you want something else ask someone else - but in your starting experience? For what I can read this is the 2nd client of @arhillis, is really a good thing to strictly remark your specific role and its boundaries? Obviously I will say to the client something like ‘I provided some content to fulfil the pages but I’m not a content manager,’ or so ( furthermore I read somewhere that developers are enemies of text, the less the better and is not a statement I disagree with ) but it seems an overstatement to me to refuse it at all unless you got paid or guided as a notary.