Advice About Web Design andDevelopment

Hello, my name is Kim. I am just starting school again after being gone for awhile. I was wondering if there was any advice to be given to someone who is just starting in the IT field, web design and development? I do not have much experience in it.

Besides obvious advice like excel in your school work, I would say spend rest of your ‘free-time’ learning and love it. I see many people going in this field for wrong reasons and they just drop off without seeing what they are able to achieve. This is a long road and there are many things to be studied, so don’t give up and love what comes at you :slight_smile:

I agree with @shimphillip. Have an interest in learning any field is very important. Web development is no different. Start by taking beginner programming courses to see what you like the most. I started learning simple HTML CSS and JavaScript courses and then moved to advance level courses. Whatever you learn apply it frequently by making small projects of your own.