Advice for beginner?

Hey everyone! Nice to meet you, I am new to coding and therefore to the Freecodecamp platform! I have just started 2 days ago. I am really excited to become a front-end developer as I am also a UX designer. I have started to follow the curriculum and do the challenges which are awesome, but I am wondering if you guys have any advice about best practices to reinforce the lessons and to become more confident with the language? I am completely new to coding therefore Github and installing a code editor seems still unkown for me! Thank you in advance!


once you feel ready there are the projects at the end of the certificate. Whenever you are in the curriculum, you can at least start them

The suggested platform is codepen, so you do not have to install anything. All freeCodeCamp curriculum can be totally completed in the browser.

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Thanks a lot! I will create a codeopen account and start practicing! Can the projects at the end of each certificate be used for portfolio purposes or do we need to come up with extra projects in order to stand up for potential recruiters?

Practice is your best friend. It’s a cliche answer but if you don’t get your hands dirty you’ll never know the why, when, and where. Funny, I’m a frontend dev and now I’m learning about UX/UI. Have fun in your journey my friend!

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Thanks a lot for the advice! Yeah, my main thing is, i want to feel confident with the knowledge that I am gaining and be practical, I don’t just want to earn certificates.


Learn, Take Notes, Practice, Repeat.

You will learn stuff and forget it. Believe me, you will.
If you take notes and then immediately practice what you’ve written down, practice will be a smoother experience and you will remember what you’ve learned much longer. This will motivate you to learn again…
Just don’t write down everything into detail. This will be ok in the beginning but as you progress it will take too much time. Try to express how keywords and big ideas are connected with each other. At least make a list of coding terminology and organise it.

When I was new to coding, my prime frustration was that I didn’t know what I didn’t know yet. Very often knowledge is taken for granted. It personally took me months before I understood that I needed the Document Object Model to connect JS with an interactive webpage. I just didn’t see it and everybody supposed that that is something everybody knows. But I didn’t.
You will go through these experiences, affectionately known as ‘the valley of despair’ in the coding community. (
Of course, I could have asked but I didn’t know what to ask and I did fear I was going to make a fool of myself. I should have done that of course, would have saved me a lo of time. I could simply have shown others what I had made and asked them what was missing.
So ask questions. Figuring things out is part of the experience but don’t do it all alone.



I would say both, the projects proposed here are a way to get started bulding things, but they are pretty standard, and lack complexity.
You could do something more than that

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