Advice for Developing Locally with Node.js

Hi guys,

I hoping that someone can give me some advice on the best way to develop Apps with Node.js back-ends. I am using express and trying to implement Nodemon for hot reloading. The problem is that it is super slow, and I have found that I am better off just running the default express local server to test. This is a headache as I need to kill the server and re-run it for every change I make to my code. I have also found running tests in Node.js to be pretty slow and unreliable at times.

My computer is getting a bit older, might that be the issue? Does anyone know of some Node.js development practice that is still fast but less resource intensive?

I’m wondering if I am the only one experiencing this problem…

It’s strange that nodemon is slow for you. Is it slow to pick up on the changes, or does it take a long time to actually start your server?

For testing, I use Tape because it’s quick and simple. Check this out:

While I’m developing a feature, I prefer to run tests manually and keep them focused on the code I’m currently working on. Periodically, I will run the full suite just to check I didn’t bork anything. Testing can be slow work, especially if there’s a lot of building, tear downs, and database stuff to do. There’s no way around that but to test less at one time.


The server starts just as fast as the default express server, it just takes a long time for it to detect changes or it fails to detect them at all.

I will try Tape next time I test code, so far I have been using Jest.

Do you launch nodemon from the cli or gulp/grunt?

cli - from git bash on my windows 10 os.