Advice for my portfolio

Hello dear community,

I am totally fresh here, and have to say that i am very impressed by the site and the members who help each other :).

Ok, so i am trying to get a job as a front end but the reality is that employers never! back to me, not even once.
Of course I’m doing something wrong and i need some profession guides to how and where keep from here.

My portfolio is:

binyamintal .netlify .com

My essentials questions is:
Do i need to invest in big projects?
Which kind of projects can be helpful?

Many thanks

I can offer two pieces of advice.

  1. Please clean up your typos and grammar on your portfolio. You have two typos in the very first sentence.

    My whole life i loved being in front of a computer, i was exited and passiontae about making things happen with that.

    If I was a prospective employer, I would be pretty turned off by this lack of attention to detail.

  2. In my experience the best way to get a job is to get referred. Reach out to your network, find real people at companies that you want to work at and meet them (virtually is fine as well) to get a better understanding of what it is like to work at that company and what specific things they are looking for.


Dear levlaz,
Many thanks for the useful reply!

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Anyone else?
Based on the skills shown in the portfolio, is it even possible to find a job?
Or maybe do i need to learn more before I start sending a resume?