Advice for someone who wants to retrain

Hi all,

Just looking for key bits of advice like best places to learn. Traditional first steps, learning curves etc.

I used to do a little bit of WebDesign learning HTML and CSS which I enjoyed however once getting into teaching keeping up wasn’t really an option. After quite a few years in the educational industry I have made the move to leave. My long term goal is to retrain into a front end web developer.

I struggle with making creative design decision but always was better with logical ordering and technical aspects. I have just completed the HTML and CSS course and moved into the JS course.

I am using to build my portfolio and practice skills.

The element which I have now hit a hurdle at is the JS course. I have done the first 3 lessons but when getting to the task I realized although i understood the lessons as I was doing it applying it more independently I got very stuck quick!

I guess this is normal but it’s causing a little crisis of faith. If nothing else writing it down is for sure helpful! :smiley:

I’m in the same boat here.
I graduated some years ago with a Degree in CS. i then left the field. I undertook many hours of self taught courses which re-ignited my passion for development.
I’m currently enrolled on a bootcamp which has really helped get to grips with html and CSS. I would recommend starting with html and css first, and then moving onto JS. I am currently on JS with my bootcamp and doing it on here as-well really helps consolidate my knowledge.
I am completely overwhelmed most times but i am giving this my best and will not give up. We WILL do this! as my tutor says “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable” there are senior Devs out there who still don’t know every possible thing in JS or other languages. Every day is a school day and we will get there. I would code every day even if its 15 mins. I spend hours coding every day because i really want to do well and i enjoy the problem solving and obsession with figuring out where i went wrong and learning from it.
Best of luck!