Advice need for new project

I am from Pakistan.
I am developer and working on Visual Foxpro mostly.
I want to switch my work and want to know what is best way to make database application which can run on all OS and on mobiles (android and IOS) simultaneously (multi user environment).


I was thinking freecodecamp is good community, but now i am thinking all are busy here. no reply of my post from anyone!! is it very difficult question??

Hi there,

nice to meet you! :wave:

Do you want to run the database locally on the device or on external servers?

first of all; thanks for your message.
initially want to run database locally but later step on external server too.


Welcome, asifloya.

I do not understand what you are wanting to do. How can a database simultaneously run on multiple devices?

Typically, a database is run on one device, and then connected to from multiple devices. So, generally, the database does not care what OS is trying to connect to it.

Are you saying you are wanting to make the DB driver software, the DB architecture/software, or just a GUI interfacing with an existing DB driver?

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