Advice needed for project: Stat sig calculator

Hello everyone,

My goal for the month is to develop a statistical significance calculator similar to this. My current skills include basic JS, React, and some experience with the Responsive Web Design course on FreeCodeCamp.

I’ve managed to create a basic ‘Hello World’ page using a Node backend and React frontend, but I admit I find the plethora of packages installed by create-react-app quite daunting. With time constraints this month, I’m looking to bypass an in-depth study of Node and React, focusing instead on my project goal.

To achieve this, I need advice on the simplest tech stack that can meet my requirements:

  • For the backend, I need something to initiate the server and provide an API route like “/cellA-clicks/cellB-clicks” returning results in JSON. I’ve seen guides using Node and express.js, but is there a simpler option available?
  • For the frontend, I am considering using plain HTML and CSS, keeping React on hold for now.

Also, I am looking for recommendations on a FreeCodeCamp course that I can complete within a week, equipping me with the necessary knowledge to create this statistical significance calculator app.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • you can try using “json-server”, if “database” integration is not your current requirement
  • you can try using “vite”

happy coding :slight_smile:

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