Advice Needed: Starting a 12 Month Placement!

I have just finished my second year of Computer Science and am starting as a Software Developer at ARM for a 1 year placement. I am writing a journal during my time on placement and have a 10,000 word assignment about my time on placement.

Would anyone care to share tips about starting their first Developer jobs?
What questions should I ask myself in my journal daily?
What sort of goals should I set, each week/each month/ entirety of the placement.
Anything else you can think of would be great!


Hey, I have written a blog post about the lessons I learned in my first year on the job:

What I did and still ask myself daily:

  • What did i learn today?
  • What mistakes did I make?
    -How can I improve?

If you are conciously thinking about this questions you will be already ahead of most of your peers.

Good luck!


Thank you for that reply, I will definitely consider these and hopefully add some more!
I have just written my own blog on expectations and preparations before I begin my internship here: