Advice on assessments?

Hey guys, I have to take an assessment by Sunday for software engineering position and I’ve been preparing by taking a break from projects to work on the intermediate algorithms. Currently, I’ve been doing one algorithm a day. I’m not sure if this is enough, but I feel mentally drained after one. How are these hiring assessments compared to the algorithms on FCC? Are working on algorithms a good way to prepare? would love anyone with experience taking these assessments to chime in.

I don’t have any experience by being through actual assessments, however from the things I hear, algorithm/problem solving skills are usually something that is sought in applicants. So, with that in mind, solving algorithm challenges should help you, however, I suggest you also look at certain techniques that are useful, for instance, different sorting algorithms and such. I’m not sure if recursion is a popular topic, however a friend of mine had to solve a recursive problem.

Also, another thing, when you solve the algorithm challenges, don’t just rush through them, but return to those that you already solved, to solve them again perhaps, review your code and make it better. That way, the process of solving becomes second nature. My programming proffessor at university used to say that programming is basically just training and training, on new problems and on past, so you get certain approaches and techniques inprinted in your brain.