Advice on career path and best skills to learn (UK-based)?

I graduated with a degree in STEM last year and have been working for a year in a machine learning-related job which uses Python. After trying out web dev, I much prefer it to data science and find it more enjoyable in comparison.

I planned to continue learning web dev (go through the learn section on FCC) and improve my skills in my spare time whilst continuing with my current job, before I start looking for something web dev related (perhaps a year from now).

I live in the UK, and wanted to know what the most in-demand skills here are? FCC teaches html, css, javascript but there’s also Wordpress and PHP/SQL/NodeJS/.NET which all pop up on Indeed - not sure which of these are worth learning.

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you’ll need to look at the job market, so get yourself on indeed, cv library and monster, and see whats out there (granted at this moment in time, it wont be a great indication, thanks Corona!)
That should give you a bit of direction of what you need to be looking at (fellow Brit here)

I see! I’ve seen quite a few which have PHP and .NET as well as UI/UX in their descriptions - are these really common skills for web developers which I should learn? I was a bit surprised to see the former 2 since I didn’t realise they were still this popular, but perhaps the lack of other jobs is due to Corona right now.

Also, should I be aiming for junior positions, or mid-level/intermediate ones? I have commercial programming in Python for writing scripts, but not in web dev.