Advice on entry for senior person

Hi All

Please could you advise me. I am a very young ( in mind and body) 64 year old. I have had vast worldly experience in Medical Technology, Computer programming (albeit DBase 4, Turbo Pascal, Visual and Delphi), CAD for Pipng design and Laser scanning software, Building, amateur Filmmaking International Conference presentations.

I was forced into retiring due to my age, and I am, for financial survival, doing refridgefation and appliance repairs, as well as general handyman work.

My problem is that physically I cannot perform manual labour work for more than 4 hours at a time.

I loved programing… Algorithm as well as coding and desperately want to get back into this or even composing manuals. Being in South Africa, I can survive on $6 an hour.

My questions are:

  1. Where do I start?

  2. What application language(s) should I learn?

  3. How do I find work?

Any comment would be highly appreciated.


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if you are interested in Web Development, the freecodecamp curriculum could be your map, the languages and technologies presented can make a good starting full-stack web developer tool-box (if explored more in depth than what’s in the curriculum with personal projects and such)
Otherwise, you need to say what you would be interested into

Applying for jobs, networking, reaching directly to people in the industry…

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