Advice on how to complete backend part of project

Hello everyone, It’s nice to be back.
I recently completed a website for my client, and have since been rehired to add additional features. The client wants the forum on the website to send her an email, I’ve been getting around my lack of backend knowledge by using formspree.
However, now I need to build a new system that will organize the info from these emails into a database.
I’ve gotten in the habit of asking before diving headlong into things I don’t understand.
So my question to more experienced developers, how should I go about building this? What technology should be used?
The website was built with react.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi there!

I am afraid this is a bit difficult to answer without more info about the project. Personally, I have used firebase for something similar in the past. So you could have a look at that, although I am sure there are multiple other solutions out there.

Good luck!


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