Advice on My Java Developer-focused LinkedIn website?


Here is my LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn

I am wondering if anyone could give me some input on my profile. I am aiming for a Java developer entry/junior-level tech roles.

With that in mind, are there any issues anyone could point out that I could improve on?

Thank you!

Your profile is confusing. I’ve worked as a recruiter and hiring manager for entry-level and internship roles, and I’ve sat on a number of hiring panels. As currently written, I’d be inclined to pass over your profile. If your resume/CV looks like your LinkedIn profile, then doubly so.

Some specific points:

  • You’re looking for a job as a Java developer, but your top-line focus areas have only one Java-specific item (Spring). REST and MongoDB are arguably related, but React definitely is not. Similarly, your of your list of 43 skills, only 3 are Java-specific.
  • You’re profile says you’re a self-taught programmer, but your education section lists a non-degree program from UIUC in Computer Science (one of the best departments in the country). Which is it?
  • The timelines don’t line up. Your work experience says you worked on hearing & speech research at UIUC from 2015-2016, but your education says it was from 2009-2011.
  • Your work experience says you worked at Johns Hopkins, as a Teaching Assistant and RA, but your education lists no time at Hopkins. This doesn’t make sense.
  • You worked at Northstar Home for 7 months but apparently did nothing.
  • Formatting is inconsistent throughout the work experience section.
  • There’s no date of completion listed for your graduate work at NIU. Did you graduate?

None of the foregoing is major, but it’s enough to cause me to pass over your file when I have dozens that don’t raise questions. Recommend a hard scrub for formatting and consistency.

Lastly, you’ve got an MSc with a focus in cognitive science and programming, and experience developing software in Matlab for speech recognition research. Is there a particular reason you’re aiming for an entry-level position coding Java rather than a position at any number of companies working on speech recognition or voice assistant software (e.g., Apple, Google, Chevrolet, Ford, etc)?

Hope this helps.



Dear Millar,

Thanks so much for your extensive analysis! I was pretty much going down your list and fixing every corresponding thing on my LinkedIn profile.

So, I made quite a few changes and was even able to get two recommendations. Would you mind taking another quick look and let me know if I understood you properly?

Even if I do not receive another response from you, I’ll be forever thankful!


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