Advice on next career choice

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working as IT executive in one of the small company for 4 years, I tendered my resignation recently and reason is mainly due to my direct superior.

He has been constant disrespect and shouting at me whenever i approach him to ask some questions (I know it is normal to get shout at, but certainly there’s limit to this).
After i tender resignation, my HR approached me and asked if I’m interested to join security department as there’s a position opening soon.
However, doing internal transfer means that i still have to deal with my superior. (although is lesser but still need to work along with him).

I also have a new offer from another new company B as security product specialist which they require me to start the job asap. I’m not sure what does the career path as that specific software specialist has in the future.

I have a conversation with the current company security manager, and he said no need to worries as my direct superior are ok for me to transfer to his department.

Current company - work as security executive
Pro - Learn new thing and more about security areas (Firewall, IPS, ATP, Pentest), better future career opportunities, better benefit (bonus,leave etc)
Con - Need to deal with current superior

New company - work as security product specialist

Pro - Learn specific security product knowledge only, new environment new people.
Con - Can’t really see future in this job scope due to uncertain if the security product will still be in demand in the future.

I would love to hear some feedback everyone.


low risk low reward vs high risk high reward

also, would your current job be ok if the supervisor wasnt a douche? maybe complaining to HR about him might be helpful. it may or may not make things better but if hes making subordinates think about quitting its not good for the company in the long run

of youre going to try a new company then maybe try your hand at some market research to see what kind of investment there product would be. does the company have managers with a good record, how are their competetors doing, whats the industry growth trend, etc. this might be kinda tricky to figure out but if the risk is too high then you should probably keep your current job

I don’t think that it is normal to be shouted at.