Advice on putting "computer science" in my resume

So this is more of general advice on whether I should put “computer science” in my resume as my school promotes it and whether employees has some sort of expectation when you mention computer science on your resume.

Long story short I do a distance degree through a private school and I initially started out studying cybersecurity as part of my bachelors, halfway studying cybersecurity I took an interest in programming and took their double degree program with computer science.

The problem I have with the school I am studying with is that the rigor of the program is questionable even though the school I am studying with is accredited in Australia its slack in terms of workload compared to a proper school and the things thought isn’t well presented. The double degree itself is a 3-year program on its own, and I have a second-year entry by having a high school diploma which makes me eligible for a direct second year.

Thus I am allowed to complete the degree in 16 months, as we do not have a long vacation and etc compared to a 4-year degree. However my experience itself has not been the greatest, I feel that the fundamentals thought were rushed in the curriculum and that I do not have the knowledge and the skills as compared to someone who went through a full 4 year CS program.

For instance, we only have 5 core modules for the CS portion of the degree and have no maths involved and I only did 2 modules for Java, 1 for c and 1 for c++ and databases. The rest of the subjects were cybersecurity-related or general ed like research yet the school promotes it as “Computer Science”.

Changing school isn’t an option as it means I forfeit a large sum paid, I rather complete the program since its already my last trimester and focus more studying programming on my own. I am just finishing the degree for the sake of getting one and rather focus learning to program more in my own time.

I am just in a kind of a dilemma on whether to put “bachelor of cybersecurity and computer science(double major)” as my school promotes itself as it puts the sort of expectations to employees that I have the knowledge of a CS grad which I don’t. Or just list out as a bachelor of cybersecurity with a few CS subjects.

I did the later, as I felt its better, to be honest in my own capabilities and what I have learned. I am aware that most employees do not care about what you learn but what you can do and only tick the degree checkbox in whether you completed one. I also spoke to a recruiter recently about joining the company Bootcamp programme and he seems to care more about the portfolio I made compared to my education.

Just wondering in general, how much do employees expect of you if you list out “CS” in your resume as your education vs having something made to show.

I am thinking of scrapping the whole “CS” in my resume and just present it as cybersecurity to show that I completed a degree and focus on showing my portfolio and skills more but I am not sure if I lose my edge compared to other graduates. Hope to get some advice thanks.

Put the degree on your resume and school. If your concerned with the degree’s “use” don’t be, a better degree gets you more interviews no doubt, but if you know your stuff, you know your stuff.

Regardless, if you graduated with a degree or not, you should have some practical experience listed on your resume. There’s basically 0 reason where your fine with just a degree, but no actual projects to show, or work you have done, or things your working on.
There is simply no reason you can’t have a link to your github, or code examples, or projects you can provide during an interview.

So yes, you can totally remove CS, and list cyber security, but I would only do this if your aiming for a cyber security job, if your trying to be a programmer, list the CS degree. Or list both if you can in some way or form.

Goodluck :smiley: