Advice on Tribute Page to Rich Mullins/Survey Form on Time Travel

Hello, I’m just getting back into coding and looking for some feedback. I’ve just finished the first two pens and I feel they’re really awkward, so I’d like to gain a bit more confidence on front-end before JavaScript. Specifically, I’m looking for advice on cleaning up my code; unnecessary or repetitious stuff in it. Also, honest feedback and possible advice on improving my design.

Tribute Page

Survey Form

I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for any advice that can be given.


Your survey form is not responsive. As the browser width shrinks, a horizontal scroll bar appears and forces users to scroll left and right to see all the content. It is because you are using a fixed width (in px) for many elements’ width properties. You can remedy this by either using percentages or specifying different fixed widths using media queries for smaller screen sizes such as tablets and mobile phones.