Advice on what to learn next

Hello everyone!

I’m relatively new to coding and I started with FreeCodeCamp recently. I just completed the JS Algorithms and Data Structures Certificate and I loved it. I began work on the Responsive Web Design Certification and didn’t enjoy it as much.

I would appreciate advice for what I should learn next or what I should practice. Should I start working towards the data visualization cert or the apis and microservice cert? Maybe other resources to continue learning?

Thanks in advance!

if you don’t enjoy the front-end development then maybe focus on back-end development.
Do you know databases?
If not then learn some (SQL based and nosql based ones)

Do you know networking?
If not then learn some . (just google and keep reading till you find a good resource)

Do you know design patterns?
This is a type of advanced software development topic you can look into.

Do you want to learn a strongly typed language (like C++?) This will push you to learn more OOP and about memory management.

So much to do, so little time!


Do you know any good resources to start learning some of these back-end development skills? I’m already decent with SQL and other databases.

That’s great! One less thing to do!
I can’t say that I know any good resources (I barely know anything about these subjects!) but googling usually helps you get started (that’s how I ended up here on FCC after all)


Design Patterns: