Advice personal portfolio project

I am a little confused about the goal of the portfolio project.
Are we supposed to construct this page showing what we are caple of to this point in our coding abilities ?
Or are we to construct it as if we were presenting this to clients / employers
once we are ready to market ourselves as developers?

I think both options will work, depending on what your goals are.

If you want to complete the project right now with the skills that you have, you can build the best portfolio you can at the moment. Then when/if you decide you want to market yourself as a developer, you can go back and redesign your portfolio with all of the new skills that you have learned. I would say that if you want to use your portfolio to find a job or find freelance work (which many people do), your portfolio should look really sharp in order to showcase your talents.

I think that I left my portfolio until the very end of the Front End Certificate. I still need to go back and redesign mine but just have not done it yet.

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^^ I agree. Finished mine not long ago, but it isn’t something I would present to a potential employer. I’ve moved on with JavaScript and refining my css/bootstrap on other sites, and intend to go back and make a new portfolio when I start applying for jobs, which will probably be when I finish the front-end portion of this camp.

jv88899 and MarcellPenn. Thank you both for the replies.
I think for the time being I will present the portfolio showcasing what I’ve learned so far. Logically a stunning portfolio is what I would present to client / employers when I feel I am ready for marketing my skills.

I think perhaps the freeCodeCamp curriculum should clarify the goal of the project.

I think the idea is that you will revisit the portfolio later to improve it using skills learnt as you progress on the course, and also populate it with example projects.

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Is that the section where FCC tells you “now share it with your Facebook friends”?

Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me. No one will find your portfolio there unless you also advertise it on your CV. A better solution would be to help non-profits to get real world experience.

Just my two penn’orth.