Advice-Please... github maybe?

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Tests… have not been running. I don’t know what a full test completion looks like… I’ve done the code… for many of the tasks… but because I don’t know if I’m getting anything right or wrong anymore. I have had a look at some answers other uses have got,

yes I am on .org…
I just want to know if im actually learning something… I would like to start a project where I can put what I’ve learned into practice and see an outcome… im bizzy using GitHub to practice but its preview is bad and not picking up my CSS code… is there some formalities I should follow before beginning my code scripts ?

Use chrome
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This worked. Thanks Bud… Any ideas on what software I should practice with… I heard of google code and windows code… gitkracken is what I have but I don’t know how to use it that well yet…

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I had started with autoit. for quick small program to 100 lines.
Than continue with and .net because the program we used. In ms visual studio.
The .net is easer and have some features better then C++, but the all works are around c++, which also use android. and now is demand around Python. It not look good if you say in job interview you know I can use translator between C++ and .net.
With visual studio is easier work with SQL.

google code? I Have using g script, with clickable editor, but is better to know nodeJS and you better catch yourself in gscript
The program code have same logic and that not change,

I was thougth I don t need a book, but I buy CSS3 and it is different, because in book is also the story and develop of thing, which in w3 web not.

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Thank, you for all your replies. you have been so helpful. thank you for the links too :slight_smile: